Sunday roast beef

Coorong angas rib eye (just one rib feeds 2) pan seared then into a really hot oven for 15 mins then rest 15 mins. Here is a photo of two things of great beauty, the rib and my Japanese chefs knife.I am such a fan of radicchio as you may well have noticed from other posts, cooked long enough with plenty of salt and pepper it becomes creamy, looses most of its bitterness and the outer leaves crisp up. Here I have drizzled with olive oil and balsamic. I cooked it as long as the potatoes but covered with foil.You have to have roast potatoes if you are cooking a roast. I chose Dutch cremes, what an amazing flavour, so sweet and tasty. Didn’t blanch them this time just tossed in plenty of grape seed oil and salt and into the oven.A pan that can sear or brown meat then can also go into the oven is a kitchen essential, I use this pan for nearly everything. The beef is from Feast! Fine foods in the Market.


Beef bourguignon.

Sunday night stew with fancy name.

I had opened a bottle of wine I just did not like  (not the one in the photo) so the next day I shopped for this beef bourguignon recipe from the SBS Food Safari web (the recipe calls for about 3/4 bottle of wine). I love this recipe from Guillaume Brahimi, he uses pureed carrot to thicken the stew instead of flour and butter giving the stew a sweet, healthy and natural texture (and also keeping it gluten free). I use oyster blade for any stew/ braise or even curry, there is plenty of gelatine through the meat which means it stays so moist and cooks to very tender in 45-1 hour on a stove top. Always serve with mashed potatoes and red wine!

Corned beef with parsley sauce.

I don’t know about you, but I love it. This is Coorong angas corned beef from Richard Gunners Feast at the market. The really good thing about this beef, besides the beef, is the stock made from simmering the meat is really tasty. I cooked the potatoes for the mash in it as well as the carrots, also I added the stock to the white sauce to make more of a veloute than a milky bechamel.The corned beef (1k) was cooked for 2 hours with bay leaves, onion and 4 cloves of garlic in the water then taken off the heat but left in the  stock while I fiddled about cooking the potatoes, carrots and sauce. It was good. Very good.