Hangover duck pies


I don’t mean to keep banging on about Christmas but I thought I would just post this snap and quickly mention what I did. There was some roast duck left over from the Roast duck, radicchio risotto, sour cherry sauce number I did for Christmas day and there was also the onions the duck roasts on and some bacon. Also left over was (surprisingly) some wine and some chicken stock. And in the pantry at my mums I found a tin of green peppercorns.

So, what I did was…. fry the bacon and onions, deglaze with the wine (I guess no one liked the rose), add the chopped up duck, stock and green peppercorns. Reduce the liquid, check the seasoning, then thicken with cornflour stirred into a bit more stock. I made shortcrust pastry and blind baked the pie bottoms in muffin tins then filled them with duck, put the lids on and glazed them with egg. They took about 12 minutes at 180 to cook.