Green tea and spice smoked duck.

Ok, well it has been a long time between ducks I know, so here is a quick little recipe to whet your appetites again. Steamed, smoked and roasted duck. Allow 2-3 days.

Inspiration came from the recent Chinese new year celebrations (have a good year all you dragons). Before I start here is two things you should know about smoking duck inside your house (and I have learnt from experience) use an extraction fan, and when I say line your wok with tin foil, you should really do it.

You will need: 1 duck, 2 tblsp. Sichuan salt and pepper, 3 slices ginger, 3 star anise plus 1 tblsp. for the smoking (you can use broken ones for this), 1 tblsp. Shoaxing, 4 tblsp. green tea, 1 brown cardamom pod, 1 tblsp whole mace blades, 1 tsp. soy sauce, 1/2 tsp. sugar.

To start with you need to rinse the duck under cold water and dry with paper towel then chop off the tail, wing tips and neck so she will fit on a plate in your steamer. See here for my steamer set up on a different post. Sprinkle the inside and outside of the duck with 1 tblsp. Sichuan salt and pepper. Put the ginger,  3 star anise and shoaxing in the cavity of the duck, put the duck on its plate in the steamer and steam over plenty of water for 1 1/4 hours. Reserve the juices from the plate and the cavity for later.

To smoke the duck, line a wok with two layers of tin foil, put the tea, rest of the star anise, cardamom and mace in the bottom of the wok. Put a round wire cake rack in the wok 2 or 3 cm. above the tea and spice (you may need to cut it to size with tin snips). Rest the duck on the rack, put the wok over a high heat, turn on your extraction fan and wait for the smoke. When there is smoke happening, put a lid on the wok and smoke the duck for 10 minutes. Turn your oven on to 220 degrees or crank it as high as you can.

This is before smoking:

Next you need to roast the duck to render more fat and brown the skin. So to roast the duck, put it ion a rack in an oven tray lined with foil and roast for 20 minutes, rotating, or until you get an even brown, crisp skin. Reheat the reserved juices from steaming the duck and mix with the tsp. of soy sauce and the sugar to make a sauce for the duck.

Chop the duck and serve with the Sichuan salt and pepper and the sauce you just made if you were listening properly. I have served this duck with a soy bean and tofu stir fry that I will tell you about on the other blog at some time.


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