Spice Road.

I thought I had better explain my absence since I have been asked ‘what the hell is going on with the blog’ from a few people.

Spice Road has been released out into the real world after proving itself at my shop in the Central Market for the last year. I have been busy trying to push the product into kitchens around Adelaide and, through Icons store at the airport, interstate. This means I have been busy cooking for tastings and not imagining up duck recipes. I am keen to get back to my other life (cooking, styling, photographing, eating of duck) but don’t foresee much happening before Christmas. You never know though.

This photo is of the three recipes on the Spice Road to Spain recipe card. Ole.


5 thoughts on “Spice Road.

  1. Looking for Xmas inspiration myself! But totally understand the Spice Road occupation of your time 🙂 I can attest to the portability of these spices and recipes – we made the fish dish while camping and it was sensational!!

  2. Thanks for your support Sarah/Elvin/Lola. For Christmas I think I am going to confit duck legs ahead of time and crisp them up on the day. Serving them with maybe the baked witlof I did in the confit post with a cherry sauce for festivities sake. Keep you posted.

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