Duck Rillettes.

Rillettes are pork, rabbit, goose or duck cooked in fat, their own if they have it or pork fat in the case of rabbit, the meat is shredded then potted and served as a cold starter. In Tours and Anjou, France, pork rillettes are known for their deep colour from almost caramelising the meat adding a rich, sweet flavour. I make rillettes from confit of duck and since I over-cooked my confit to the stage of caramelisation I shall call my rillette ‘in the style of Tours and Anjou’.

From the confit stage, pull the meat off the bones and remove the skin. Season to taste and add a pinch of quatre epices. Shred the meat by hand and press into a ramekin or other pate sized pot. Cover the rillette with a layer of the duck fat to preserve. To serve bring to room temperature, scrape off the layer of duck fat and serve with either caramelised onion, cornichons, a pear/ apple/ or other savoury fruit preserve and fresh baguette or toasted bread. 


3 thoughts on “Duck Rillettes.

  1. mmmmmmmmm…………delicious, what time should we be there! Or maybe I’ll make it myself…..yes….I shall. I’ll pop into the Central Market and pick up some duck from one of the butchers and at the same time I’ll get the quatre epices from Gourmet to Go.

  2. Oh yesssssss. I LOVE it. Such a fan of rillette. I’ll never forget my first experience with rillette, it was perfect, that lovely combo of salty tender shredded meat. Drooooooool! I really must make some more. Thanks for sharing. What wine would you suggest?

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