Beef bourguignon.

Sunday night stew with fancy name.

I had opened a bottle of wine I just did not like  (not the one in the photo) so the next day I shopped for this beef bourguignon recipe from the SBS Food Safari web (the recipe calls for about 3/4 bottle of wine). I love this recipe from Guillaume Brahimi, he uses pureed carrot to thicken the stew instead of flour and butter giving the stew a sweet, healthy and natural texture (and also keeping it gluten free). I use oyster blade for any stew/ braise or even curry, there is plenty of gelatine through the meat which means it stays so moist and cooks to very tender in 45-1 hour on a stove top. Always serve with mashed potatoes and red wine!


2 thoughts on “Beef bourguignon.

  1. mmmm……. didn’t like the Rockford wine, eh. Or is that just your prop? You need to try the delicious Ballycroft Reds. Look out or the 2010 and 2011 vintages when available. Lovingly hand picked picked by yours truly and the other half (plus a few other willing helpers).

  2. Great recipe – thanks for the tip. I like the idea of the carrot puree.

    I must start checking Food Safari for recipes as they are bound to be pretty authentic. I bought the new Food Safari mag the other day for a read on a plane and it’s really good – different to the standard food mag as they include articles about home cooking just like on the show.

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