Clay pot duck with salted plums, (for Cheryl).

Hi Lucy, one of my favouirte dishes from Cafe Kowloon is their bayberry duck, am having trouble finding a recipe to try and create it at home – any ideas? do you sell bayberrys at Jagger?
See you at the market

I responded with this:

Hi Cheryl, I am on to it. Firstly there is such a thing as a bay berry but it is only used for making candles, not duck recipes. I have been talking to the staff/ owner of Cafe Kowloon and the main flavouring in this dish is the salted, dried plum. The bay berry name is just the name of the sauce (their name anyway). I have ordered the duck and am having it tonight but from a quick tasting, and it is yum, I can make something up for you that you can make at home. I will send you my findings asap and will probably post a recipe as well. Lucy

Turns out I was quite wrong! Bay berries are grown in China and Japan, I even bought some when I was in China, they were a beautiful looking strawberry coloured fruit served in a newspaper cone and had a tart strawberry flavour. I guess this is where Cafe Kowloon got their name for the dish even if it does not contain the actual fruit it is the sweet and sour flavour that is important and it comes from salted plums, soy sauce and rock sugar.

This recipe can take either one or two days depending on your time. What you need: 1 duck, 3 cm ginger roughly sliced, 1 clove garlic crushed, 2 pieces tangerine peel, 1 piece licorice root, 2 star anise, 1/2 tsp whole white pepper corns, 2 tsp shoaxing, 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 1/2 tblsp dark soy, 15 salted dried plums, pitted, 2 walnut sized pieces yellow rock sugar, roughly crushed in a mortar and pestle.

I bought a Waechters duck from Feast in the Market. Rinse the duck in cold water, pat dry with paper towel, cut the extra fat from the cavity. Heat a pan with a little oil and brown the duck all over. Put the duck, breast down, in a Chinese Clay pot or other oven pot with a lid. Add the rest of the ingredients and enough cold water to reach the 3/4 mark on the duck.

Put in a 150 degree oven and cook 2 hours, turning over after 1 hour. Leave overnight to develop flavours, again, if you have the time. Cut the breast off the duck and slice. Serve the legs chopped Chinese style, through the bone or just in two pieces sliced through the joint


6 thoughts on “Clay pot duck with salted plums, (for Cheryl).

  1. Well what a success!! The “bayberry duck” went down REALLY well, as did the Sichuan salt and pepper duck with steamed buns! One of my Chinese guests did not believe that it was all home cooked and wanted to know which restaurant I bought it all from!!! Thank you Lucy – this will become a family favourite!

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