White bean and porcini soup.

I have had a pot of stock from when I cooked a Coorong angas corned beef sitting on the stove for a day waiting to get something more out of life. I cooked the beans in it for the heuvos rancheros in the last post. I am now going to stretch it further and make a white bean and porcini soup. The beauty of the Coorong corned beef is that it is not too salty so the cooking liquid can have other hopes and dreams.

I soaked about 300g of white beans and cooked them in the stock until the skins had softened and the inside was creamy. Towards the end of cooking I added a couple of potatoes for texture and about 20 grams of porcini, (I get to take home the broken bits in the bottom of the jar at work). I didn’t soak them just threw them in the soup as the potato cooked. I then blended the soup with a stick blender and seasoned it. For extra delicious luxury I mixed some of the porcini and truffle paste I keep in the fridge for just this kind of moment (and omelet and pasta moments) with some cream for the final flourish.

So nice and comforting on this freezing winter night.

I should say the reason I cooked corned beef is to try the Ruben sandwich from the he needs food blog, I thought my dad would like it since two of his favourite things are corned beef and sauerkraut (he added his own version of ‘mayonnaise’ though, I don’t recommend you do that).


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