I am not saying this one is quick or easy, it usually takes me all day, but it is a favourite. This is lasagne made with fresh pasta. What a difference a day (making pasta) makes! So a few notes on making lasagne with fresh pasta.

The dough: knead for 10 minutes, then knead for an extra 50 counts to make sure you didn’t cheat on the 10 minutes. Rest for 1/2 an hour (no not you, the dough). Roll to number 8 on your machine or until nice and thin. Boil the pasta for 30 seconds or until bigger by about a third and lightened in colour, in other words, cooked. Have your sauce and bechamel ready when you cook the pasta sheets.

The sauce: Nice and runny as it always dries out further when cooking. I use pork and veal mince from Feast fine foods or Marino meats in the market, tomatoes from the glut at my parents house this summer, a sofrito of onion, garlic, bay leaf and oregano, sometimes celery, carrot and leek if around on the day, and tomato paste made from tomato powder and water which I much prefer to the prepared tomato pastes. Tomato powder is available at good delicatessens such as Jaggers.

The bechamel: Use white pepper and a tasty cheese such as provolone piccante or even comte or gruyere for flavour. Also a mozzarella, layered with the bechamel in thin but whole slices, is good for that nice ‘ooze out of the sides when you cut it’ texture.


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