Pasta with stuff from my shop.

Pasta, the good stuff from my shop, Martelli maccheroni. Sauce, a fried shallot, some blue cheese, some cream and once the pasta has cooked, some of the cooking water. Also some rocket from the House of Organics down the road, just wilted in the sauce. As there is already cheese in the sauce instead of parmesan on top is some Kanmantoo bacon and wood oven bread crumbs fried in olive oil until crunchy. This is what they would do in the south of Italy instead of parmesan when money was tight. The dish at the back is Spanish olive salt which was also sprinkled on at the end. The salt is flor de sal mixed with oven roasted kalamata olives, delicious. Oh and so was the wine.


One thought on “Pasta with stuff from my shop.

  1. Reading this just before dinner and I am salivating. Did you make the olive salt or is this fabulous thing a product one can buy? Loving the photography!

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