Pan fried duck dumplings (duck jiaoza)

Ducklicious warns that some images in this post may be offensive to vegans, so if you are my sister, hit the back button now. Oh, too late? You saw it? So sorry Pops.

This rather handsome chap came from Hong fat Cantonese bbq restaurant on Grote st, Adelaide. There are quite a few Cantonese restaurants in and around China town that have the bbq pork, soy chickens and roast ducks in the window and a chef ready to chop your roast treats to order. I usually go to this one, Bbq city on Gouger St, it has a really high turnover and is one of the closest to my end of the Central Market.

A roast duck costs $24. This is the first meal I made from it, a not-really Peking duck with pancakes. An easy mid-week meal.

The star of the show came Saturday night when I realised I was not meant to be at Kasias birthday dinner (see you next week, can’t wait!) and suddenly I had some time to play.

Duck Jiaoza

4 small chicken thigh fillets or 2 large ones

1 tsp ginger, finely grated

1 tsp garlic, finely grated

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp sesame oil

1/2 tsp ground white pepper

2 spring onions finely chopped

1/4 of a large chinese cabbage or 1/2 a small one, finely sliced

1 tblsp salt

1/2 Cantonese roast duck

1 packet gow gee wrappers, sometimes called dumpling wrappers, always round

oil for frying, peanut or grape seed

Put the chicken into a food processor and blitz a few times. Add the ginger, garlic, soy, sesame, pepper and blitz again to make a fairly course mixture. Add spring onions and combine. Leave for 20 minutes to blend flavours.

Add the salt to the cabbage and leave in a ceramic bowl for 20 minutes.

Take the meat off the duck and chop into a small, rough dice.

Rinse the cabbage really well, dump onto some paper towel and squeeze the water out. Add the duck and cabbage to the chicken and combine. This is your filling.

To make the dumplings take a wrapper in one hand, spoon a large teaspoon of filling into the middle, wet the edge of one half of the wrapper and encase the filling into a semi-circle, crimping the edge to seal. I am no expert at wrapping dumplings and I can’t tell you how to do it properly, as long as you end up with the crimping at he top and a flat bottom to fry you are doing ok.

To cook the dumplings heat a fry pan with a coating of oil to a medium high heat add the dumplings, flat bottoms down and fry until they are golden brown. This will take under 2 minutes. Fill the fry pan with water so that the water comes half way up the sides of the dumplings then put a lid on the fry pan. The water will bubble up and reduce down to nothing cooking the dumplings over about 3 minutes. Take the lid off once the water has evaporated and the dumplings will resume frying again. Let them crisp up on the bottoms then serve.

The dipping sauce is just soy sauce and a teaspoon of sesame oil. A chilli paste and chinkiang vinegar is usually served as other options in dumpling restaurants. This recipe made plenty for two people as a meal or could do four or six as a starter. I still have the bones and a leg so I can also make a noodle soup. Thrifty!


8 thoughts on “Pan fried duck dumplings (duck jiaoza)

  1. You really are the queen of tasty little packages (that sounds vaguely sexual but no double entendre intended)! Love the idea of this (brings back memories of the gorgeous Mantu dumplings you made for us). I really must summon up the courage (or is it the recipes) to use a BBQ duck as it seems so much less scary than cooking a whole duck from scratch.

  2. POPS! I said no to graphic snaps. No no no! Nothing cute about a dead duck.
    Blog readers, the same could be achieved with tempah.

  3. The site is getting more and more beautiful with each recipe Lucy!!
    It makes me want to come back to Oz to do some cooking with you!!!
    The photos are really fantastic, and Shari’s drawings are perfect.
    ….it certainly makes one hungry!

  4. Cheers Lucy, I am always looking for short-cuts. I had dumplings in mind, so I bought a BBQ duck and then looked for recipes and found yours. Rather than cook a duck myself, the BBQ duck was ready, freshly cooked and full of flavour. Quack! I was happy to follow your recipe with a little less chicken. I tried the dumplings both with and without the cabbage. I did prefer the ones with the cabbage which lightens the filling and “sweetens” the flavour. I made my own dumpling wrapping which I had left over from another dish but next time will try the shop bought ones simply to save time. I am looking forward to my next visit to Adelaide, thanks for the tips on where to buy BBQ pork and duck. In Wollongong I buy my BBQ pork and duck as well as great fresh meats at Yungs Butcher almost on the corner of Keira and Smith Street Wollongong. The very best three course Peking Duck that I know of in the Wollongong region is at May’s Chinese Dapto, in fact, much better than most places I have tried in Sydney too!

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