A Ducklicious Christmas.

My sister is an artist (makes jewellery) and a florist (makes money) and this year she out did herself with the Christmas table decorations. Using some red gerberas and cordifoliums that were purchased and by raiding our parents native garden and my mothers collection of old glassware she created this master(centre)piece.

She goes by the name Wild Poppy Florist, or Sarah Parkinson, 0411 614 724.

As for the roast duck legs, radicchio risotto, sour cherry sauce, it was a hit. The chopping took some time as the recipe was multiplied by four and I spilt some (lots of) duck fat in my mums new oven and on her pristine floor, but no one saw that. Until today. When I confessed. But overall it was a success.

Some people could not wait to tuck in!


11 thoughts on “A Ducklicious Christmas.

  1. Dear Lucy
    Oh the table looks so gorgeous. I just love it.Love the glass waqre and those divine flowers
    What a great idea and the duck looks delicious
    We had a great day. I saw Simon after work at the shops!
    Dave cooked the turkey really well
    Have a few days break. You deserve it
    Well done and I hope Friday was a good day
    Love De

  2. Am a little sad I missed it…….. but I guess I’ve had my share of duck tasting…just wanted to get in on the writing a comment thing xx great photos!

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